Work Work Work

August 15, 2009 at 11:49 am (numero uno)

Work has been rather fun as of now, I am actually living my dream slowly and I believe that it will be only a blink away before I achieve my goal. Like any other jobs, my job is tough at the beginning as there are way too many things to do and yet so little time, despite the work load, the pay is actually not very rewarding after seeing what Kok Ku has been getting in his journey to sell books.

It all happened in a very odd manner as no one in the office knows that I am happily graduated and thought that I am still an undergraduate working part time for experience. And a few weeks later, I am hired and working hard now.

I am also being very hardworking by applyin for a short course at IACT and hopefully it will open more doors for me in the not so distant future. Maybe I am just trying to keep my thoughts occupied and being hopeful that things dont come back and haunt me.



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  1. michelle said,

    Money isn’t everything (as you already know by now, you sorry corporate slave), it can’t buy happiness.

    WE know that, don’t we? But obviously for some, money can buy dignity wtf.

    As long as we love what we’re doing, the pay is another issue altogether, innit?

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